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Portable EKG Monitor (Green)

Portable EKG Monitor (Green)

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  • Works independently without real-time connection to a smartphone. Designed with color screen and built-in memory to store up to 100 readings in the device.
  • Easy to use and compact size to record 30 seconds' ECG and heart rate between your hands anytime anywhere. Keep track of your health regularly and share data with your doctor without subscription or limitation.
  • Record first, sync later to the provided EMAY app and PC program for bigger review and easy sharing of your data.
  • Different ways of recording (Hand-to-Hand, Hand-to-Chest, Hand-to-Leg) to give you a thorough picture and higher accuracy for better reference.
  • Local customer service team in California to ensure your satisfaction. We don't recommend to use the device with pacemaker and ICDs. This device is intended for OTC (Over-the-counter) use.
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How does it work?

  • Standalone Personal ECG Device 

    EMAY Portable ECG Monitor is a standalone single-lead ECG recording device with screen and storage for personal use. You don’t need a smartphone to make it work ! It allows you to record and view your real-time ECG rhythm on the device itself, and gives you important information in just 30 seconds.

  • The ECG Reports

  • Easy to Use

  • Compatibilities

  • More Ways to Use

All-In-One ECG Device 

EMAY Portable ECG Monitor is designed for standalone use, it records and stores without requiring a smartphone. Simply turn on the monitor and apply your hands on the electrodes, it will then do the job! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to use a Smartphone to operate the EMAY? 

No, you don’t need a smartphone to use this device. It shows a one-line rhythm, heart rate and information. But if you want to email the reports to your cardiologist you need a smartphone or computer.

Does the device require a wireless or internet connection to work ? 

No, it doesn't require internet to work. You don't even have to have your phone with you. It will store up to 100 readings and you can download them to your phone (via bluetooth) or computer (via usb cord) whenever it's convenient. Take it anywhere!

Is subscription required ? 

No, no subscription or hidden cost is required to use the EMAY device and app.

Does EMAY works with pacemaker ? 

No, we don't recommend to use EMAY with pacemaker or ICDs.

Can original 100 readings be deleted? After 100 readings do you need to buy another product? 

The device readings can be deleted via smartphone app or PC app. Even if you don't delete them, the latest reading will cover the oldest one automatically, so it won't affect the using.