Sleep Oxygen Monitor

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1. Description

EMAY Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a continuous blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) & pulse rate monitor with 40 hours’ storage.

It is a reliable and affordable choice for anyone who wants to track their oxygen level & heart rate during sleep or other situation over time.

The smart app provided allows you to sync the device data wirelessly, review SpO2 at any point in time and generate professional report to share.

1. Strong movement & direct sunlight might affect the accuracy of readings. Please stop the exercising for 10 seconds and avoid direct sunlight before measuring or tracking your SpO2.
2. The default time of the device is 2000-01-01, please connect your device to the app to correct the date/time first before the actual recording.
3. The device is intended for reference only, not for medical use or diagnostic purpose.

2. Package Contents

- Pulse Oximeter * 1
- AAA Batteries * 4
- User Manual * 1

3. How to Use ?

3.1 Sketch

3.2 Open the battery compartment cover at the bottom, install two AAA batteries in the correct polarity separately. (shown as below)

3.3 Turn on the device by pressing the power button for 3 seconds

3.4 Open the clip, place your finger inside the oximeter and wait for 10 seconds. (Make sure your nail touches the upper part of the clip)

3.5 Read your SpO2 and pulse rate from the display. (Meanwhile, the device starts the continuous recording automatically) .

3.6 The screen will sleep after 90 seconds, and a yellow dot starts flashing at the corner while the recording continues.

3.7 Wake up the screen at anytime by pressing the button for 2 seconds while you are wearing the oximeter.

3.8 Stop the recording by taking the device off your finger, and press the button for 3 seconds to shut it down.

Tips: A recording starts when you put the pulse oximeter on, and completes when you take it off.
Please connect the device with the app to update the date/time before starting the recording

4. How to Clear the Memory from the Device ?

The oximeter data will be deleted automatically once they are downloaded to the app.