Sleep Oxygen Monitor

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1. Introduction

1.1   Overview

The device is designed for person who wants to track his/her blood oxygen saturation levels & heart rate continuously /overnight.

Both app and pc software are provided to download, review and analyze the data, even generate a professional report for further sharing.
Warning: The device is for reference only, not for medical or diagnostic purpose. 

1.2 Functions and Features
• Support spot check & continuous recording
• Rechargeable
• 72 hours built-in memory
• Collect data every second
• Stand alone device with built-in settings
• Audio alarm
• Free PC software (Windows only)
• Free iOS/Android app
• Sleep oxygen report (PDF)
• Data list (CSV)

1.3 Package Contents
• Pulse Oximeter*1
• USB Cable*1
• User Manual*1

2. Device Appearance, Display and Settings 

2.1 Appearance

2.2 Display – Turn on the device by pressing the power button for 2 seconds

2.3 Settings – Pressing the button again to enter the setting menu


3. How to Record SpO2 Continuously

3.1 First, make sure you have set the correct date & time on the device. (Refer to Chapter 2, Main Menu ->Clock)

3.2 Second, enter “Main Menu” -> “Record” -> make sure the record mode displays “On”

3.3 Exit and return to measurement interface, now insert your finger deep inside to the oximeter, wait for a few seconds to read your SpO2 & PR. Meanwhile, a red dot will be flashing at the left upper corner, indicating the data is now being recorded. 

3.4 The screen will sleep after 90 seconds, you can wake up the screen anytime by pressing the button for 2 seconds. (The infrared light above your fingernail is on even the screen sleeps)

3.5 Stop the recording by taking out your finger, enter “Main Menu” and select “Power Off” to turn it off. Now you have completed a whole session of recording. (If the 72 hrs’ memory is full, go to Main Menu -> Record -> Delete All)

Note: We provide two ways for you to download and review the data recorded.
• iOS/Android app (Smartphone/tablet)
• PC software (Windows only)